How slot machines work is a topic that gets asked a lot here. New ones appear all the time, but some often recur. They are so common that they have occurred to most gamers at least once. Many of the misconceptions on this list date back to the days before the Internet was widely used in real casino rooms. As a result, they may have had a grain of truth then. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about slot machines, as things have thankfully changed from the wild west era.

You should avoid slot machines that have just paid out the jackpot

avoid slot machines

Again, this follows the same reasoning as the previous argument and requires the same approach. Even if a slot machine has recently paid out a large amount of money, we never know what it will do next. Keep in mind that each spin is completely independent of everything that came before it.

You need to bet big to win the jackpot

Fortunately, with few exceptions, this is no longer the case. In the past, some slot games included jackpots that could only be won by placing the maximum amount. The good news is that this technique isn’t as common anymore, which is great for jackpot seekers who aren’t over the top either. Jackpots can usually be won by spinning on any bet and are much more democratic. Be sure to pay attention to this point the first time you look at the game’s payout table.

Casino bonuses are less likely to win

Casino bonuses

At legitimate, monitored online casinos, this is certainly not the case. Slots work identically when spun using free spins or bonus money, as they have no understanding of how the credits in your account came about. A fun fact is that the welcome bonus free spins have already been used to win Mega Moolah jackpots. That’s why bonuses are just as useful as money to win at slots.

Slots are easier to win at certain times

A fake hangover from the days of slot machine rumours. They are controlled by an RNG that knows no time. Online slots are available 24/7; they don’t care when bets are placed or when winnings are collected. You can play whenever you want, knowing that your odds of winning are always the same.


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