Of course, slot machines are not only about math and statistics, but also about which games are fun to play. But even if you prefer one type of game over another, it never hurts to look at which slots are the most generous.

For example, if you are a local patriot and like the Danish games from Danske Spil, it is more profitable to play Klovn the Movie with an RTP of 96.01% than The Original with an RTP of 94%. If you are into Superheroes and play at Bet365, you should stay away from The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines with an RTP of 91.00% and instead play Iron Man 2 with an RTP of 95.98%. And one of Microgaming’s most popular games at Luxury Casino, Immortal Romance, with its delicious soundtrack and poignant atmosphere, actually also has one of Microgaming’s highest payback percentages of 96.86%.

So you can easily get high winning chances without compromising your gaming taste.

What is volatility?

What is volatility?

A slot machine’s volatility expresses how much variation there is in the sizes of winnings. A slot with low volatility will have many small wins, while a slot with high volatility will have larger wins but with longer gaps between them. If you play a high volatility slot, you will often find yourself losing more than if you play a low volatility slot. This is because part of the bet is “set aside” to pay out jackpots and other large prizes that are only triggered rarely. Conversely, on low volatility slots, all prizes will be triggered more often.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for “Return To Player”, i.e. “Return to player” or what in Danish has chosen to call “The theoretical return rate”. For slot machines, the percentage shows how large a proportion of the stakes the machine is programmed to pay out in the form of winnings. For online slot machines, the repayment percentage is often 95-97%, while for the slot machines you find in kiosks and arcades, it will usually be between 82 and 90%. All licensed casinos in Denmark must provide information on the RTP of their slot machines – you will usually find the number under the rules for the slot machine. Note that you will only achieve the specified payback percentage if you play “optimal”. For most slot machines, the payback percentage is the same regardless of how you play, but for some slot machines you need to play in a certain way, e.g. that you bet the maximum number of coins per spin.

Which slot machine has the highest payback percentage?

the highest payback percentage

With 98.0%, “Blood Suckers” from Net Entertainment has the highest RTP or repayment percentage among regular slot machines at the Danish online casinos. You will find the slot machine at most Danish casinos. Note, however, that a number of casinos do not accept games on this machine in connection with bonuses – precisely because the repayment percentage is so high that the casino cannot make money from it if they also pay out a bonus. The same game developer also offers a slot called “Jackpot 6000” with a theoretical payback rate of 98.9%. However, this repayment percentage requires you to play in a very special way – if you don’t you can risk having a repayment percentage as low as 75%, so familiarize yourself with the rules before you start playing. Bonus and gamble features built into some slot machines can also have a significantly higher payback percentage than the slot itself. On Money Train 2 you can e.g. buy you directly into the bonus round at a price of 100x the stake – this bonus round has an RTP of 98%. The Gamble feature, where you can bet your winnings for a possible doubling or quadrupling, often has an RTP of 100%. But beware: both can mean cancellation of winnings if you play it for a casino bonus.


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