The roulette table consists of two components:

  • A bike
  • A table

The table contains all the different bets that can be placed. Players place their chips on the squares to indicate their bet. The wheel is used to determine the outcome of each round, thereby settling bets.

1. Place your bets on the roulette table

The first thing you will need to do when playing roulette is to decide where to place your bets. The roulette table is divided into two parts. Outside field and inside field. This is where the terms Inside bets and Outside bets come from.

Bets in the inside box are called Inside bets. The player freely places chips on a single field or on a combination or group of internal field numbers.

The most common bets are straight up (bet on one number; odds 35), split bet (two numbers; odds 17), street bet (three numbers; odds 11) and square bet (four numbers; odds 8).

Outside bets are bets that are placed on the outer roulette field. Here are the most common bets: even money bet (even numbers), odd money bet (odd numbers), Black/Red bet (bets on a red or black field) and Column bet (horizontal row).

2. Press ‘Spin’ or spin the wheel.

spin the wheel

Once you have placed your bets all that remains is to press ‘Spin’. When you do this, the dealer will spin the hypnotic roulette.

3. Wait for the result

Then you simply wait for the result. The winner will be paid according to the deposit. If you keep to the minimum and place only outside bets, for example only on the red or black fields on each spin, you will increase your chances of winning. This type of outside bet pays 1 to 1 and covers almost half of the possible combinations (depending on the wheel you play on). Obviously, your chances of winning are greatly reduced if you choose to bet on just one number, but if you do win, the winnings are substantial.



Roulette, one of the most exciting and iconic casino games has been around for a long time. During this time, many people tried to cheat the alleged code or roulette system. From time to time we also see some players who say that they actually won with the help of the “perfect” method. who say they actually won using the “perfect” method.

Unfortunately, we will have to disappoint you, but chances are that any system you “discover” has already been tried by someone else. And since the lights are still on in Vegas and other casinos, we can conclude that this method has more than likely failed. The fact is that roulette is a game of luck and this is ultimately the only factor that counts. In other words, you have to hit a lucky streak to win. Of course, it is still worth familiarizing yourself with all the rules and systems of roulette in order to be able to play at an optimal level – mostly those who finish last are unprepared.


Now that you’ve learned all about the rules and strategy of the game, it’s time to start practicing how to play roulette. If you don’t want to play for real money right away, you can try it out for free.


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