22Bet is a renowned betting site which has thousands of customers loyal to it, it has been in existence for over three years and has offered major betting services like sports booking, live bets on fixed matches, and a lot more. 

The betting platform might have large traffic of customers, but there are still some concerns by new customers or intending users of the betting platform. Hence, the question of “if 22Bet is legit” arises.

It’s okay to be skittish about betting platforms, because, if you are going to bet with your resources, you should bet rightly and with complete trust.

Is the 22Bet site legit or not?

 Let’s Find Out

To determine the real value and transparency of a betting site, it’s important to look at the reviews and possible ratings first. Knowing also what the existing customers think or are saying about the site would help to clarify doubts.

The 22bet site has a total rating of 3.7/5 stars according to research found on some search engines. This rating is above average which means the platform is accepted by gambling enthusiasts which means the platform has a good record of betting transparency but, some loopholes are also seen.  According to the review platform, Trustpilot the 22Bet has a poor rating of 1.7/5 due to some irregularities.

These irregularities are a result of a non-rapid response to customers’ complaints, especially within the 24-hour stimulated time.  Instead, a reply to complaints may be given after 3 days or a week. 

Packaging and presentations are also another way of determining the credibility of the 22Bet platform. This is talking about the user interface and how simple it should appear to users especially “new users” 

The 22Bet app must have had concern for users to have created self-explanatory user interface features. Here you can find easily located information about the site which is spelt out in clear terms.  A badly packaged site would mean trouble to users because of unreliable information. This shows that 22Bet is indeed a legit site for betting services. 


The diverse banking system offered by the 22Bet platform is quite applaudable. 22Bet operates with bank transfers and other reliable methods of payment through their partnerships with these banks which are legal. Another feature is the acceptance of cryptocurrencies to reach foreign audiences. However, there are minimal complaints of payment problems although the deposit and withdrawal processes are fast. 

The creation of the 22Bet app and other affiliates is a sign that the 22Bet platform is indeed a legal entity. It’s a casino and sportsbook maker with a valid license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).  It’s important to pay attention to the terms and conditions before signing up as it is strictly adhered to. It is 100% legit.


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