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It performs equally with them in terms of user experience and camera, but adds expandable storage, a 4K/120hz screen, and a headphone jack. There's even a deal currently to get free Sony noise canceling earbuds. so is this a "bad deal?" Only insofar as any current flagship is a bad deal.

So Sony has paid Ericsson off with a nice little divorce settlement and is now single and ready to rock - and the result is the 12MP-camera, HD screen-toting Sony Xperia S. Obviously, it's a line carried over from the Sony Ericsson era which saw the maker release an Xperia handset on what felt like a

With selected Sony headphones 19 and the Sony | Headphones Connect app, you can enjoy a custom immersive musical field by analyzing your individual ear shape using the camera on your Xperia.

Arguably the iPhone's photos across a range of different shooting conditions are of slightly higher quality, but the Xperia S has a number of extra, useful features, such as a timer, and less useful but fun stuff such as 3D panoramas. And it has more megapixels in it, which is, of course, essential.

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They're home to technological innovations from Sony's other product ranges, such as the Exmor R lenses, which are normally only found on dedicated digital cameras. Bravia screen technology is also co-opted from Sony's high-end televisions, meanwhile, for Xperia phones' displays.

Performance The Sony Xperia S runs a previous-gen 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 dual-core processor backed up by 1GB of RAM, the same as its Xperia Ion counterpart on AT&T. Because of this it came as no surprise the phone coughed up a slow Linpack (Multi-Thread) score of 81.4 MFLOPs completed in a long.

The Xperia Z3 Compact is running the latest consumer-ready version of Android (4.4.4 KitKat) beneath Sony's proprietary user interface. Thankfully, it's a fairly light skin that doesn't differ all that much from stock Android, which I prefer to some of the heavier manufacturer customizations (*cough* TouchWiz

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In an online event today, Sony unveiled two new Android smartphones with the launch of the Xperia 1 III (Xperia 1 Mark 3) and Xperia 5 III (Xperia 5 Mark 3). Both phones pack mostly identical hardware but differ in size. The Xperia 1 III leads the charge as a full-fledged flagship while the Xperia 5 III tries to offer the same flagship experience in a compact package.

The Sony XPERIA Z3 is an excellent evolution of the XPERIA line, and it is fair to say that Sony has improved virtually every aspects of the remarkable XPERIA Z2 handset. With its size and overall positioning in the market, the XPERIA Z3 mainly competes with the Galaxy S5, the LG G3 and the iPhone 6, just to name the most popular models.

The Xperia 10 III offers exceptional sound, whether you're enjoying the ultimate in wireless listening with High-Resolution Audio Wireless or using the 3.5mm audio jack to connect your favourite wired headphones. Along with native High-Resolution Audio playback, the Xperia 10 III also features DSEE Ultimate, which uses AI to upscale all your music close to High-Resolution Audio quality.

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On paper, the Xperia Z has a slightly higher capacity. But many factors determine battery life, and the Xperia Z powers a display with over two million pixels. Sony is advertising "Battery Stamina mode," which shuts down battery-hogging apps when you don't need them.

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Sony's Xperia interface has never been as complex as Samsung's TouchWiz, providing fewer unneeded options, and keeping the balance between stock Android looks, and a branded UI imagery. The Galaxy S5, on the other hand, sports a smorgasbord of options and functions like Air View and other modes, but its TouchWiz looks a bit ragtag, with different iconography design decisions in the different sections, making it look like a patchwork compared to the uniform Xperia UI. Processor and memory.

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All the following Sony Xperia Stock ROM (zip file) contains the original Sony Xperia USB Driver, Flash Tool, and the Flash File. After Downloading the firmware, follow the instruction manual to flash or install the firmware on your device.

webtechera: The new Sony Xperia S is the most advanced handset Model in the Xperia range.The Sony Xperia S price in India is Rs.

Sony has released a new update 27.3.A.0.165 for Xperia C4 and version 27.3.B.0.165 for the Xperia C4 Dual smartphone.

Deals. Vanaf vandaag ligt de Sony Xperia XZ3 in de Nederlandse winkels, en je kunt tijdelijk profiteren van een flinke aanbieding. Bestel je de smartphone, dan krijg je een high-end Sony-koptelefoon cadeau.

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The Xperia Stock ROM can be very useful if you are facing any Software issue, IMEI related issue or bootloop issue on the Xperia Device.

Media is the star of the show with the Xperia S, so Sony have gone to great lengths to ensure a stellar camera experience on the device. You get a 12.1 megapixel rear camera with autofocus, f/2.4 lens, 4.48 mm focal length and LED flash, capable of 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second and enhanced...

Dual Core. More cores result in better parallelism, meaning more tasks can be processed in parallel without slowing down the User Interface. Better Camera Resolution. Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300, S III (16GB). 8 MP. Sony Xperia S.

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